Living the Dream!

I hail from Youngstown, Ohio — heart of the rust belt, steel mills, and — according to the Urban Dictionary — the "place Satan threatens to send residents of hell who are deemed unworthy." I called it home.


There, I inherited much from my father: a jazz musician, raconteur, and spy. I also inherited a warm, genuine voice which I've decided to use for the forces of good. Or advertisements, audio books, narrations, and instruction, should the super hero route not pan out. I come stock with a born-to-it American Standard Accent, plus a good ear and a quick study of regional accents. Thanks to a few decades of life experience, I have a deep well of empathy, experience, and emotion to draw upon as well.

I have for years maintained a professional music studio, where I've recorded bands and solo artists; done sound design (and occasional light acting) for west coast theatres, directors, and producers from the Seattle Rep to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival; produced my own albums; and have been on the other side of the glass for voiceover recordings for television and video. This gives me the necessary technical skill and experience to produce professional quality files, and can even sync to video should the need arise. Come for the voice, stay for the production! 

Give a listen to my
demo reel, then give me a call and let's do some work!

My Voice
















Here are a few more things about me

U.S. American




Kayak enthusiast

Advertising copywriter

Recording studio owner

Theatrical sound designer

Artist (traditional and digital media)

Berklee College of Music - Arranging and Composing

Voting member, The Recording Academy (Grammys) (Pending)

Member, American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP)

Senior Member, United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT)


What others say about my voice:

“Bright, articulate, well-spoken with strong beliefs and opinions"

“Sexy, throaty, deep, playful, comfort, relaxing, intelligent, reassuring, and laughter"

“Like a friendly neighbor or kind uncle.”

“A traveller and story teller.” 

“From gentle to darkly intense"

“The knowledgeable uncle at Thanksgiving who tells great stories. Even the kids listen”


“Reminiscent of the Jeff Daniels character in Newsroom and J.K. Simmons’ Farmer’s Insurance commercials.”

“The character who explains the technical aspects of the mission to the team."